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Deep thoughts – the Milo incident

We all have stories we tell ourselves — thoughts so deep we must mine our lives to discover their source. One of my own thoughts stayed lost until August 2, 2015 when my cat Milo accidentally attacked my face and I looked down to see blood on my hands and arms.

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Change, Healing

On being brave

I’ve moved 21 times in the past 15 years — never more than two hours away from the town where I was born.

I hate everything about moving. Each time I swear will be the last. But for me, moving has always been dependent on other people.

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Healing, Mental Health, Writing

More than we think we are

As in most stories, the truth is stranger than fiction.

I write because it’s what I do, but more than that, because I need to make some meaning of what seems to me a wasted life.

And I share my story because it’s only just beginning — and facing the past and moving forward are things we should never have to do alone.

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